Buy Biocell Collagen Forte + Vitamin C


Biocell Collagen Forte + Vitamin C.



Buy Biocell Collagen Forte + Vitamin C

Biocell H-Ultracell “Institute of Biological Research” of Biocell H-Ultracell has worked tirelessly  on cellular, hormonal and enzymotherapy treatments and devoted many years to a research that have been capturing an enormous interest among the Scientific community. Their rather controversial treatments have been braking through the field because they have been proven to be effective. Th “Institute of Biological Research” of Biocell H-Ultracell subscribes the approaches taken by prestigious research centers in Europe and the United States, regarding the vital importance of hormones and enzymes within physiological reactions and their contribution to a satisfactory or otherwise poor systematic functioning of our body.

Based on such scientific concepts, the extracts of embryonic tissues included in H-Ultracell have become richer. Enzymes make “assimilation” easier for the body and substantially improve induction abilities. But we certainly go further than that – we make our extracts even richer by incorporating aminoacids, which favors the development of living cellular tissue. Finally, we include hormonal inductors, which are so specific and vital for regenerating human body that the result must be necessarily the end of the human body deterioration. Today, aging is considered a disease that gets worse as time goes by. That is why H-Ultracell, our Anti-aging vaccine, is that encouraging answer everybody has been waiting for.
What Is Exactly The Biocell H-Ultracell?

In lay terms, is an injection of hundred of millions of cell and tiny cellular groups. An estimate of 50 millions cells die within our body each second and are replaced by a similar number cells. However, when we are sick or get prematurely old, both the quality and number of said replacement cells decline: fresh cells replacing dead ones are not as good as they used to be. In the automobile industry, millions of  identical pieces are manufactured from templates or mold every day. What if one of these molds has a small dent or defect? Pieces will come out faulty.

The same happens with human body. When an organ – skin, liver, heart, spine, for instance- gets injured or damaged by toxins, infections, illness, nicotine or alcohol, cells will not come out the same, they will not be what they used to be. Here is what H-Ultracell does – giving damaged organs and tissues a new cellular mold from which they will work and manufacture the corresponding organ.
Why Don’t We Take A Look To The Fundamentals Effect Of Biocell H-Ultracelll?

General revitalization or regeneration -a dream came true only after years of research and clinical trials- through injections of cells from fetal tissue, Thanks to a high concentration of amino acids, H-Ultracell delays the aging of the mental processes, improving the “brain fuel”. For all these reasons, H-Ultracell means a great influence on the cellular metabolism.

An H-Ultracell based treatment, our Anti-aging vaccine, guarantees 85% health- improvement for people in the “middle age”, changes that will become evident in their physical, mental and internal condition. H-Ultracell will improve the physical condition of “senior” people in at least 70% and important changes will be noticed: skin tone, capillary growth, darker hair, less porous fingernails, increase of the muscular mass (without exercises), regeneration of bone density (for preventing osteoporosis), stimulation of immune system (for preventing illness), decrease of excess fat (cholesterol and triglyceride) and improved absorption of nutrients.

Biocell Ultravital, through H-Ultracell, is a pioneer in this original method of approaching body rejuvenation. H-Ultracell is also a fundamental carrier of Hormone Inductors. With an exclusive formula, our product will return the body to a young-adult level.

Today, different hormones are being used with huge success both in USA and Europe. Scientific studies endorsing this are growing in number in the field of Regenerative Medicine.

H-Ultracell makes cells coming from an organ to act upon the same organ once in the recipient’s body -heart cells will work on recipient’s heart, liver cells will work on recipient’s liver and so on.

During the last 5 years, H-Ultracell has been proven effective for:

– Improving the tone of the skin and stimulating capillary and nail growth

– Preventing the aging of the skin

– Revitalizing body functions and restores the balance of the treated organ

– Increasing resistance to stress

– Improves cardiac performance and renal function, as well as the functions of liver, spleen and other organs which become weaker with age

– Reducing blood pressure, raises good cholesterol (HDL) and reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL)

– Improving memory

– Improving the quality of sleep and tolerance before the problem of allergy

– Preventing osteoporosis, stimulating and controlling libido both in men and women

– Stimulates blood vessels and accelerates recovery from wounds

– Successfully treating anemia of any origin and stimulating the growth hormone (which make the patient younger)
We Can Summarize Biocell H-Ultracell indications as follows :

Sub-functioning of endocrine glands, which comprises underdeveloped genital organs, menstrual disturbances, infertility, premature menopause, obesity of glandular origin, diabetes due to advanced age, hypotension and impotence
Premature aging with loss of vitality
Chronic degenerative diseases including poor circulation in limbs, inadequate
General weakness and predisposition to degenerative diseases
In disorders of the integral development, such as minor forms of mental retardation and cerebral infections.

Each vial of Biocell H-Ultracelll contains 500mg of lyophilized powder comprising 300mg fresh fetus tissue from unborn sheep and 200mg of L-glutamine, L-arginine, L-Pyroglutamate, GABA, L-glycine, L-lysine, Seleginile hydrochlorhydrate, Acetil-l-carnitine, co-enzyme Q10, Procaine KH3, essential enzymes, glycine and mannintol. The extraction and tissue processing are done preserving its biological integrity. No addictives are used.

The 3ml solvent contains 150mg of amino acid, human placenta and stabilizers for diluting lyophilized powder before applying the injection (deep, intramuscular, and gluteal). The injection is painless.

No adverse reactions have been observed in any case at the recommended doses. However, H-Ultracell must not be applied when vaccines have been administered within the last 30 days; in cases of evident intolerance to protein compounds exist (previous tests are necessary) or chronic infections (tonsillitis, vesicle or teeth). Patients with diabetes family history and patients with diabetes: Treat before administering H-Ultracell. This product may safely combined with other medicines.
Side Effect

Sometimes large big aureoles may appear on the injection area.

Dissolve the lyophilized content of one vial with the diluent contained in a specially-designed syringe containing 3ml of a placental compound of 150mg. Prepare the injection and administer through deep intramuscular injection. H-Ultracell treatment is painless for it contains only natural biological material. A one-day rest after each treatment session is recommended (no exercising allowed until next day, limited to moderate exercises). Restrictions on smoking and drinking for some days are recommended (the longer the better).
Recommended Dosage

We recommend you to be “vaccinated” every year to control the process of ageing.

* For men and women in the age of 30-45 years, 1 box with 4 vials of H-Ultracell, which must be injected in the course of 4 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

* For men and women in the age of 46-60 years, 2 boxes of H-Ultracell (8 vials), whichmust be injected in the course of 8 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

* For men and women over 61 years, 3 boxes of H-Ultracell (12 vials), which must be injected in the course of 12 consecutive weeks (one vial per week).

H-Ultracell of Biocell Ultravital comes in a specially designed case of expanded polystyrene to protect it from temperature changes. Includes 4 vials with lyophilized material and 4 syringes with 3ml each. The protective band and the sealed box guarantee the purity and quality of the product.

Keep in cool dry place. H-Ultracell may be stored at room temperature between 5°C and 25°C. Refrigeration is not necessary. Do not use after expirat


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